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I love the start of spring. The cold, dark and hibernation of winter gives way to the blossoms, flowers, sun, and light of spring. A dormant earth gives way to a hopeful growth of new life. Growth, light, and improvement are the hallmarks for organisms and organizations that are becoming new and better. For the past 2 years, one of our themes has been to encourage students and staff to “Find Their Greatness.” The idea is that inside each one of us there is the capability to become extraordinary. The goal is to set 

our sights on finding that which brings passion to our everyday life and allows each one of us to activate the faith and hope necessary to do the exceptional. Greatness is different for each person, an 

individually tailored talent, skill, focus, or belief that when ignited, allows us to truly find joy in this life. Often we do not know what that will be until we have tried many things. However, sometimes, our 

passion surfaces the first time we experience an activity, event, challenge, or success. The wonderful thing, in my eyes, simply lies in the quest for finding the greatness within. The journey of life is made so much sweeter when we are searching for and finding that which will bring us joy.

This quest is what middle school is all about; the continual exploration of possibilities and trying different experiences out. As I contemplated our school and this goal, I thought about the many ways we help students explore the possibilities that might help each individual “Find Their Greatness.” Here is a list of just a few:

 High Quality Daily Instruction Jazz Band Field Trips
 6th grade outdoor school Spirit Days Art Guides
 Project Based Learning Unicycle Club Band
 Google Classroom Advisory PTA
 After School Socials Math Challenge Drama
 Sports & Games Minecraft ASB
 Marching Band Patriot Pride Art
 Red & Green Games Color Guard STEM
 Teacher Assistants History Day Computers
 IXL Math Tutorial Health/Fitness ROTC

Above is just a snapshot of the many ways in which the staff and students at Pleasant Valley are trying to “Find Their Greatness.” What I know is that as we continue to focus on improving the climate and culture at our school and engage students each day with high quality instruction that produces results for student learning, our school will become better and better. The bright sun of spring becomes the beautiful tapestry of summer. Thank you for all your support to make PVM great.  

Tamarah Grigg

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