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Principally Speaking....
I hope this monthly message finds you well. I have learned in my career that sometimes this time of year can be very difficult for individuals and families. We live in an ever quickening society and world. The pace can be unrelenting and, when combined with unrealistic expectations and hyper commercialism, it can be difficult to maintain balance, perspective and peace. Families can struggle at times and we must be sensitive and aware of those realities at school. My hope for all of the Pleasant Valley families is that they will not be burdened, that they will be able to find peace and that they can take time to be with those they care about. While at school, we will work to maintain an environment that is focused on learning, provide predictability and structure, and assist individuals and families. We will do what we do best, focus on learning in a caring and supportive environment, like we do every day.
To take this thought a little further, while walking the other day, I heard a great quote, "As parents, our goal is not to raise good children but to raise good adults." As a mother of two teenagers and being empty nesters in a few years, this caused me significant reflection. How have I done as a mother? Will my son and daughter be good adults? This also led me to think about Pleasant Valley and the students I get to lead each day as principal. We continue to make adjustments that help to improve our school. Those improvements will enable these young people to be college, career and life ready so that they can shape families, communities and the world. This time of year always makes me be reflective and spurs further actions that will help prepare students for that end. This is big work and I am so thankful to serve as part of it. Thank you for all your efforts. I hope you find joy and peace in the weeks to come. We will continue to support families in their efforts to raise great adults.
Happy Holidays!
Tamarah Grigg 
Pleasant Valley Middle School Principal

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