january newsletter from principal grigg

Dear Families, Welcome to 2018.

I was driving down the road on New Year’s Eve, heading home, and started to think about Y2K and the transition from 1999 to 2000. I was much younger then. I was a teacher at Alki Middle School, my daughter was 1 and we were in such a busy time of life. It was both a long time ago and such a short time too. Back then, I didn’t have a cell phone, our home computer didn’t even have a GIG of RAM and I used a CD player to listen to music. I thought of many other things and the journey I have been on these many years.

With all of those personal reflections, it hit me that not one of the students at Pleasant Valley today were even alive during that New Year’s Eve 18 years ago. Being a middle school principal keeps you humble in that way. The reality is, I do have a few more years under my belt than I did back then. A great deal more experience and much more wisdom. With that comes increased patience, understanding, and focus on doing those things that are the most important and avoiding those that are less than. I believe this is helpful as a school leader. As Yoda said in the latest Star Wars movie, “The greatest teacher failure is” and with longevity has come the opportunity to learn over and over again from falling short. Yet, I have tried to apply the learnings each time in an effort to grow and improve.

I am grateful for the journey I have been on and that we have undertaken at our school. The world is changing rapidly. Technological advances are shaping and will shape our life experiences in ways that we cannot predict. A young man or woman at Pleasant Valley today has pathways available to them that were not there for my children and certainly not for me. We are preparing students for opportunities that are not available now and will only unveil themselves 5-10 years down the road. When the year 2030 or 2040 comes around, what doors will they need to be able to open? If our mission truly is “to open doors to students success by developing lifelong learners, responsible decision makers and caring and contributing members of society” then what we do now must help them have the most adaptable skills. Being able to read, write and do arithmetic will always be essential. In addition, learners will need to think critically, analyze, problem solve, and apply new learning quickly to a variety of contexts. This is the deep and lasting work that quality education brings and enables today’s learning to have impact years down the road,

I am looking forward to a new year and what new opportunities will be opened to all of us. I am grateful to be able to help a new generation of learners find their greatness and to be able to have the doors to success opened to them. I wish you all a wonderful new year and joy in your own journey.

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