June newsletter from principal tamarah grigg

Dear Pleasant Valley Families,

As we come to the conclusion of the school year, I wanted to thank the Pleasant Valley community for making my third year as principal at Pleasant Valley a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The work of teaching and learning is essential to the functioning of a democratic society and I am so thankful to help in that work with all of you. As we continue to create a school that has high quality instruction focused on student learning and establishes a positive culture with a focus on relationships.  My goal as principal is to help create the conditions where everyone (parents, students, and staff) work united for each student to meet all measures of student learning placed before them.

I am so excited for what the future will bring. The next three years will be about continuing the efforts of the last three by developing the great structures we have put in place to meet student needs better and then to refine them so that they meet needs even more effectively. We know that if we focus on meeting the academic standards by having students read complex texts, write about what they have read and talk about what they have read and written, that students will develop the skills needed academically. We will more intentionally focus on the use and development of academic language in the classroom. School is the place of business for our students and the language of school is essential to success. We will continue to develop lessons that teach our expectations and culture, encourage a growth mind set and help our students learn to be organized. We will continue to develop supports for students who struggle academically, behaviorally or attending regularly. This is the practical work of our school and we hope to continue doing that work better and better in the years to come. One last thought for this year.

I really do find joy in my job. I love being the principal at Pleasant Valley and I love the people that I get to serve with each day. We have a wonderful staff. In addition, we have so many wonderful students. I do have a great place to work. Where else can I be paid to be involved with wonderful people and engaged in such an important cause? Not too many. Is the work hard at times? Yes. Are there days that are less enjoyable than others? Absolutely. Do sometimes I wish it was Saturday and not Tuesday? Sure. However, I do appreciate what we have been able to do, what we will be able to do, and the people I get to do it with. That is what makes being the principal at Pleasant Valley so incredible.

A welcome back letter will be mailed the week of Aug 7th.  Back to School will be Aug 28 from 3:00-6:00.  

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