october Newsletter from principal tamarah grigg

Hello Patriot Families!

What a great September at Pleasant Valley. We welcomed over 550 students back into the building on August 30 and have been busy getting to know them as learners and as young adults. I always enjoy the energy that the start of a new school year brings and this year did not disappoint. As we wrap up the first month, we are beginning to hit our stride and are excited for what the rest of the school year brings. Last year we spent some time as a staff looking at developing a growth mindset with our students and our staff in order to help decrease some of the stress and anxiety that we are seeing with our kids. We developed a good understanding of that with our staff last year and are looking forward to fostering an environment in school where students are not afraid to take risks (academically speaking) and learn from their mistakes to help change the world! That may seem like a lofty goal, but we are ready to take it on. We look forward to working with your students this year to help them become the type of learners who can solve any problem that may come their way. We work hard to make Pleasant Valley a safe place to learn and grow and we try to treat every experience as a learning opportunity. As the brains of adolescents are developing, it is common for them to test boundaries and make some poor choices.

In working with middle school students, I often tell them that I expect them to make mistakes. However, I also expect them to learn from those mistakes and work to avoid making the same mistake twice. Sometimes, there are consequences for some of their choices, but please remember that our goal is to help your student learn. Advocating for your child is a great thing, and as a parent myself, I appreciate parents supporting their children. As a middle school student, it can be difficult to advocate for oneself, but that is exactly what we are working toward for your student. Whenever possible, allow your student to advocate for him or herself and to learn from his or her decisions whether they are good or bad. Parent to school communication is crucial. We will do our best to keep you informed about the progress of your student and we ask that you communicate with us as well. If you hear that something is going on that doesn’t feel quite right, please let us know. With a big school, it is difficult for us to know everything that is happening, but with your support, we can work to keep our learning environment safe for everyone and help our students become thriving members of society.

Here’s to a great year. Go Patriots!

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