Clarity regarding the remote learning schedule

Students will work directly with their teachers in the morning for the first three periods Mon/ Tue/Thu/ Fri. In the afternoon students will work on work that is assigned in their other three periods. There is flexibility in the afternoon so that students do not have to sit in front of a screen all day. This means that students can work on this work in the evening with their parents or other supports if that is needed. This information is also located on our PVM Online webpage.

The purpose of the PVM Online page is to provide you with a single place to go to view your student’s assignments, see school news and updates, and find contact information for school staff. Each week, an outline of the week’s schedule will be provided by grade level on this site.

Zoom links will be added to the student’s Google Classroom.

PVM Weekly Schedule


Independent learning/indirect instruction times on Wednesdays and in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is time that is designed for students to work on assignments, request help as needed from teachers, and possibly attend additional Zoom sessions if the teacher requests this based upon student needs. Students will have assignments in Google Classrooms to engage in during the afternoons and on Wednesdays.

Attendance will be taken for the three afternoon periods and all periods on Wednesday. This will be done through a daily attendance Google Form that will be in each of your student’s Google Classrooms.

Attendance will not be recorded until the following day to ensure students have time to engage flexibly in this time.

There is flexibility in the afternoons. Your student(s) can log in, engage in assignments, and fill in the attendance form anytime before midnight of that school day. What this means is that your family can develop a schedule for this time that is conducive to your needs.

If your student needs to work in the late afternoon or evening, then they will not be marked absent as long as they log into Google Classroom, engage in assignments, and mark themselves in attendance on the Google Form.


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